In Vermont: Valentine's Day Blizzard

J0hn Turner

The snow started in Vermont late on Tuesday night and it came down steadily for about 26 hours. It was widely described as a blizzard, and I'm sure that out on the roads it seemed that way. But from inside a warm house it appeared to be a fairly calm process, just one that didn't let up.

On Thursday morning when it was over more than 30 inches had been deposited.
Harvard Square Commentary, February 19, 2007

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In Vermont, any snowfall up to 12 inches is taken pretty much in stride and has little effect on the rhythms of life. But when you get two and a half times that much, you have to admit, it puts a crimp in mobility.  For one thing, snow plows attached to the fronts of pickup trucks can't move it very well.  Driveways that are normally plowed out within three hours of the storm stay clogged for three days.
Even so, people manage. In fact, there's a kind of festive tone to their response. Some go to the grocery store on skis. Some snowshoe through the fields. and almost everybody gets out to try to clear a narrow path from the door to the street. Everyone seems a bit more friendly.
We can't deny it's a bit of a pain, but if this is the worst Mother Nature visits upon us, we have to say we've been lucky.