Volume III                                 February 26, 2007                                   Number 9
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Harvard Square Observer:
It’s Been One of Those Weeks!
It has been one of those weeks that bring to mind the famous poem by Bobbie Burns ...

Former Foes Fight for Peace
Jerome Richard
Suleiman al-Himri spent a year and a half in an Israeli prison...

The Couch:  Bush Is On It And Congress Should Be
Lawrence Velvel
It is terrible to find oneself in agreement with an authoritarian thug...

• Our President Speaks!
• The Furor Continues
• A Living Document? - Part 4

Implication for the Long Run:
Developments Last Week
• Character as Fate
• Chronology
• Where Intelligence Clusters
• Sacrifice
• Weird Minds
• What's Lying?
Everything Else

Harvard Square Pictorial:
Crystal Cave of Giants
This is the Crystal Cave of Giants found in the Naica Mine, Chihuahua Mexico...

Wisdom from Polonius
Thoughts of O.W.Holmes, Plato, and J.Auer

Chuckle of the Week
In the late 19th century, a commission was created to determine the boundary line between the states of New Hampshire and Maine...

Site of the Week:
The center of the universe for the hottest, most outstanding, zaniest, and downright amazing videos you'll ever see…anywhere.

From the Video Shop:
The Well
As a boy growing up in the 1950's South being surrounded by racial and religious prejudices ...

Editor's Panel

From Liberty Street:
What Went Wrong?
Bernard Lewis's best seller from five year's ago presumes to tell us what has gone wrong with Islamic civilization...

From Sanitas: A Lexicon for the 21st Century
Definitions you will not find in the normal dictionary...

From the Editor
Despite Tom Shales's dismissive review of the Oscar show in the Washington Post, I still think...

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