Volume III                                    June 18, 2007                                 Number 25
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From James Adler:
Four Letters on the 40th Anniversary of...
Professor Maxine Rodinson of the University of Paris, in her anti-Zionist work "Israel and the Arabs"...

Harvard Square Observer:
English Invasion
Well, Ye Olde Observer has returned from London...

From John R. Guthrie:
On Tara McKelvey’s Monstering…
Mohammed Rahman (a pseudonym), naked except for the plastic sandbag that hooded him...

From Lawrence Velvel:
Central Points And The Frivolous News Judgments Of The News Media
I would like to once again take up the theme of focusing on the central point(s) of the matter...

Implication for the Long Run:
Developments Last Week
• Turning Point
• No Relief
• Finally, An Explanation
Everything Else

Harvard Square Pictorial:
Not Found in the
Multiple Listings
Every Realtor's Dream - Or...

Wisdom from Polonius
Quote of the Decade

Chuckle of the Week
There is a factory in Northern Minnesota that makes the "Tickle Me Elmo" toys...

Chuckle Extra:
Those Cowboys
Love Their Horses

Site of the Week:
Disabled Sports USA
If I Can Do This, I Can Do Anything!

From the Video Shop:
Last year we were treated to The Good Shepherd - a superior film about the creation of the CIA. This year we are given...

Editor's Panel

From the Editor
One of the two major candidates for the presidency in 2000 has now written a book which the other is intellectually incapable of understanding...

From Liberty Street:
We humans -- I guess by our very nature -- like to organize ourselves into groups...

From Our Readers:
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• Hate and Fear
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