Volume III                                   August 20, 2007                                Number 34
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Harvard Square Observer:
Tunisia on My Mind - Part 1
I pulled the car over to the curb in Harvard Square, so that my wife could...

From Jerome Richard:
History is Coming
A visit to the neighborhood bookstore or library can be a dispiriting venture for...

From Lawrence Velvel:
The Speech And Debate Clause And Honesty
This is the second in a series of postings about some recent federal court decisions that I find either highly objectionable or...

• New Technology Rescues the Old
• The Postal Service’s “Forever”
• Something Wrong? Pop a Pill!
• The French Bread Scandal
• When I Avoid Public Television

Implication for the Long Run:
Developments Last Week
• Enterprise
• Futility
Everything Else

From John R. Guthrie:
An Evocative Journey Through One of Humankind’s Most Storied Routes
British travel writer Colin Thubron traveled a route that approximated the old Silk Road...

Wisdom from Polonius
Thoughts of Ellis Cliveden Worcester - born August 14, 2007

Chuckle of the Week:
And God Created Man

Site of the Week:
Tunisia Online

From the Video Shop:
This is a great mystery with superior acting...

Editor's Panel

From the Editor
I made it back from Chicago on Saturday, adding another thousand miles to my driving total...

From Liberty Street:
We need to face the truth that there is such a thing as burnout. And I fear we're approaching it with respect to...

From Sanitas: A Lexicon for the 21st Century
Definitions you will not find in the normal dictionary...

From Our Readers:
• Re: "Mideast Apologetics..." (8/13)
• Re: Comments (8/13)

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