Volume III                                   August 27, 2007                                Number 35
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Harvard Square Observer:
Tunisia on My Mind - Part 2
I ended last week’s installment of this commentary by promising to tell you of the wedding celebration of our daughter Catherine...

From Lawrence Velvel:
The Federal Courts Bow Down, Abjectly, To The Secrecy Demands Of The National Security State
In case after case we see what little regard the federal judiciary has for truth...

Implication for the Long Run:
Developments Last Week
• American Erudition
• Immodesty
• Reputation
• Fighting for the Deity
• Strange Habits
• Almost There
Everything Else

From John R. Guthrie:
Leonardo DiCaprio’s Intercessory Prayer for the Survival of the Human Race
The major theme of this eco-documentary movie could well be phrased, “Consume Less, Live More.”...

Wisdom from Polonius
Thoughts of conservation

Chuckle of the Week:
The Wedding Test

Site of the Week:
Jane Austen Society of North America

Now Showing:
Becoming Jane
Since I'm a pushover for anything relating to Jane Austen, I went to see Becoming Jane, even though the reviews...

From the Video Shop:
The Lives of Others
I begin this review by quoting Jesse Vint III...

Editor's Panel

From the Editor
The release of the "Presidential Advance Manual" reminded me...

From Liberty Street:
It becomes increasingly difficult to say anything further about the horror the United States government has created in Iraq...

From Sanitas: A Lexicon for the 21st Century
Definitions you will not find in the normal dictionary...

From Our Readers:
• Re: Potpourri of 8/20/07

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