September 10, 2007

Ernest Cassara

Is This Our America?

Some of the persons swept up here and there in Iraq and elsewhere are imprisoned without charge at Guantanamo!  Some justify this with the absurd statement that, since Guantanamo is in Cuba, and not on the U.S. mainland, this is okay.  Apparently, these folks believe the U.S. Constitution only applies in the continental U.S.

If you would like to read more on this topic, see The Nation magazine, of 19 March 2007.

Those of us who are old enough will remember the internment of Americans of Japanese descent during WWII.  We Americans do these stupid things and apologize for them later.

So-called “War”

One of the advantages of G. W. Bush speaking of a “war on terror,” is that, obviously, such a “war” cannot have a beginning and an end.

This may be an advantage to the military-industrial complex, that President Dwight Eisenhower - a former general, after all - warned us about.  Such militarism will spell the downfall of our beloved U.S. Constitution.

Willard’s Five Sons

Someone asked Willard Romney how come his five sons are not serving in the military, since he is so an enthusiastic supporter of George Bush’s war.  His answer:  His five sons are campaigning to elect him president, so that is their contribution!

By the way, if you have noticed a certain amount of flip flopping on his part, you will enjoy the following website: http://www.romneyfacts.com/

Hearts and Minds

I am sure that American troops are delighted to accommodate the TV cameras, which film them kicking in doors in Iraq.  Imagine, however, the terror of the family, cowering against the wall as the soldiers, with rifles pointed ahead, enter their abode.

And, now, we hear that some Americans are being court-martialed for having willfully murdered families, including young children.

Ah, yes, G. W. Bush’s America is bringing democracy to Iraq.

Killing Osama

There has been much talk about how nice it would be if we killed Osama bin Laden.  Well, perhaps folks who feel this way, will explain how eliminating one man is going to crush the movement he has fathered.

And, by the way, Osama was constructively engaged in building projects in his native Saudi Arabia, until he was disillusioned by the Saudi princes allowing American troops onto their soil.

Osama’s Beard

The latest video of Osama bin Laden, threatening mayhem in the U.S., has led some to question what has happened to the grey/white streaks in his beard, which appeared black.  I was about to criticize our pundits, when I heard Scott Simon, on NPR’s Weekend Edition, on 10 September, say what I was thinking.  Osama has bought some Grecian Formula!

Military Fatigues

Unlike in previous wars, I have noticed that military commanders prefer to wear fatigues, when being interviewed on camera.  Why is it, I have wondered?  The only thing that has occurred to me is that they are hesitant to wear their formal uniforms, with chestfuls of decorations.  We might be so unkind as to laugh!

Gay Marriage

I have noticed that some folks are against allowing gays to marry, although some favor allowing civil unions.  I find this quite interesting, for in our Puritan past, all marriages were civil marriages, ministers of their churches not at all involved.

American Domination

“The underlying American policy, largely of long-term Pentagon conception, is to ring the world with bases from which American forces can provide international and national “security” globally, while surveying and assuring the provision of energy and raw materials to the U.S.  None of this is going to be given up except under extreme duress.” - William Pfaff, “Spin and Denial Won’t Change Iraq Realities.”  Tribune Media Services, Inc. 8/19.  Reprinted in Liberal Opinion Week, 20 August 2007.


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