Volume III                                October 22, 2007                             Number 43
A Political, Social, Literary Journal

From John R. Guthrie:
The “Goat-bearded, Mongoloid-Trotsky, Tubercular Agitator Ho Chi Minh” Redux
I’ve had a casual acquaintance with Los Angeles Times book editor David L. Ulin for several years. On reading his review of ...

Implication for the Long Run:
Developments Last Week
• Lack of Balance
• Price of Leadership
• Small Revelations
• Unexpected Story
• Truthfulness
• The Main Theme
• Costly Schooling
Everything Else

From the Video Shop:
One to Another
Based upon actual events, this film is certainly not for everyone's tastes, but it is an intriguing, erotic, and fascinating watch...

Wisdom from Polonius
Educated Insults

Chuckle of the Week
During a visit to the mental institution, a visitor asked...

Site of the Week:
Dogs in Danger
The last chance to save a life and gain a buddy.

Editor's Panel

From the Editor
You may not know this but Cal Thomas and Bob Beckel have written a book together, titled Common Ground,  in which they...

From Liberty Street:
Friendly Faces
Over the past weekend, I saw Naomi Wolf being interviewed on Book TV's "Afterwords" about her new publication, The End of America...

From Sanitas: A Lexicon for the 21st Century
Definitions you will not find in the normal dictionary...

From Our Readers:
Links to Other Articles
• Banning Desmond Tutu
• Race, Myth, and Ritual in Jena

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