Volume IV                                 January 28, 2008                                Number 4
A Political, Social, Literary Journal

From James Adler
Eyeless More than
Ever in Gaza
Sometimes the conflict seems like a house of mirrors...

Implication for the Long Run
Developments Last Week
The Media's Campaign
Presidential Function
Corporate Ailment
Buying Votes
A Frenzy
Debate Points
Political Tone
Everything Else

From the Video Shop
Adam's Apples
There was a recent report that stated that Denmark is the happiest country in the world...

Wisdom from Polonius
From Unknown Minds 

Chuckle of the Week
The Female Brain
Have you ever wondered how a woman's brain works?...

Editor's Panel

From the Editor
I've been watching the current Jane Austen revival on Masterpiece Theatre and so far the films have been...

From Liberty Street
The Great Disconnect
It becomes ever more apparent that most of the American public and a significant portion of the press has no...

From Sanitas
A Lexicon for
the 21st Century
Definitions you will not find
in the normal dictionary

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