Volume IV                                  August 4, 2008                                Number 31
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From James Adler
More Wrestlings with the Mother of Endless Conflicts
But - why "mother of conflicts"? If any conflict would seem to have patriarchal religious and territorial-ist roots, it would seem to be this one...

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From John R. Guthrie
Tourette’s On The Trolley or…
I sat on a bench outside of San Diego’s historic Santa Fe depot waiting for the trolley...

From the Video Shop
Emotional Arithmetic
This is a little gem of a film with superior acting and breathtaking visuals...

Wisdom from Polonius
From Locksley Hall
In honor of Alfred Lord Tennyson's 199th birthday on August 6th  

Chuckle of the Week
A Touch of the Blarney
Eight bits of Irish humor

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Surprise Yourself

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From the Editor
I thought of writing an essay titled "Chris Matthews and Western Brook Pond." But I don't guess I will do it...

From Liberty Street
Two Separate Things
The main effect of my awayness, here in Newfoundland, has been to sharpen my understanding of the difference between country and nation...

From Sanitas
Definitions That Will
Bolster Your Sanity As We Poke
Deeper Into The 21st Century

From Our Readers
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Unitarian Forgiveness

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