November 10, 2008

Ernest Cassara

Joe Lieberman

Ever since he lost the Democratic primary in Connecticut a few years ago, and won office as an independent, Lieberman has been insufferable.  Throughout the presidential campaign he stood at John McCain’s shoulder.  In my view, he should be booted out of the Democratic caucus in the Senate.  Failing that, he certainly should be forced to give up the chairmanship of the Committee on Homeland Security.  In brief, Lieberman is a Fink!

Since we go to press on Monday, his fate may very well be decided before you read this!

Obama’s Win Celebrated

Yes, not only in the U.S.A., but around the world.  Refreshing to see, in lands far and near, folks waving American flags rather than burning them!

The celebrations were particularly joyful in a town in Japan by the name of Obama!

Barney Not Happy

President Bush may claim to be happy at the prospect of the visit to the Obama family to the White House, but, I believe his true feelings were reflected in his Scottish Terrier, Barney, who bit the hand of a reporter who attempted to pet him!

But, it was so nice to see tears on Jesse Jackson’s cheeks when Senator Obama was declared the victor!

Suspicious Voting Machines

Americans are so in love with technology that they are willing to put up with electronic voting machines, which it has been demonstrated can be hacked!

Paper ballots may have their problems, especially if the election officials are party hacks rather than civil service people, but they are preferable to machines that are untrustworthy.  Diebold, by the way, having been suspected to finagling their machines so that a Democratic vote mysteriously was credited to a Republican, has changed its name!

Scumbag Corsi Meets His Match

The crumb who was responsible for funding the “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” ads that lied about John Kerry’s service record has met his match in Barack Obama.  His villainous campaign entitled “Obama Nation” (say the words fast!) collapsed around his ears.

A Good Man Libeled  

Had occasion not long ago to travel from Harvard Square to neighboring Brookline.  When I was returning to the train station, I came upon a man who was stooping down, picking up rubbish to deposit in a receptacle.  As I came upon him, and said, “A good citizen,” his face looked up at me, and I quickly added “Governor!”  For the good citizen was Michael Dukakis.  It is at this time in the nation’s life that we all should recall the vicious campaign against him by the senior Bush when they were running for the presidency.  The infamous Willie Horton ads that showed criminals being released early going through a turnstile was particularly contemptible, for it was a Republican governor who had set up the early release program.

Ted Stevens, Convicted Felon!

Yes, as I have said before, it will be such a pleasure on our periodic trips to Alaska to land at the Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage.  No doubt the result of an “earmark.”  Will the good citizens of Anchorage have the courage to change its name?


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