Volume IV                                  November 17, 2008                               Number 46
A Political, Social, Literary Journal

From John R. Guthrie
Review of Boogieman:
The Story of Lee Atwater
...Republican strategist Ed Rollins describes his fellow operative...as possessing the, "eyes of a killer."...

From Jerome Richard
Farewell to the Sixties
While Obama's victory has certainly not vanquished racism, it has shown that our society...

AARP Scams
Mike Huckabee
Obscenity as Entertainment
Homosexuals in Iran?
It’s That Time of Year
Do’s and Don’ts
Winter Approaches

Implication for the Long Run
Developments Last Week
The New Orientation
Knowledge and Politics
How Fast?
Lest We Forget
Escaping Hell
Once More Into the Fray
Everything Else

From the Video Shop
When Did You
Last See Your Father?
At the end of the last conversation I had with my father before he died, he...

Wisdom from Polonius
From the minds of Roosevelt, Adams, Vorse, and Nicols

Chuckle of the Week
Five Surgeons
Five surgeons from big cities are discussing who...

Site of the Week
World Peace Day
I know this is a lot to read, but...

Editor's Panel

From the Editor
I've heard numerous pundits talk about whether we the people should allow General Motors to go under...

From Liberty Street
National Health
For at least a decade now I've thought that the American people were behaving so foolishly that...

From Sanitas
Definitions That Will
Bolster Your Sanity As We Poke
Deeper Into The 21st Century

From Our Readers
A Comment and a Link to Another Article
Comment Regarding:
From Our Readers (11/10)
Emanuel Apologizes
for Father’s ‘Arab’ Comments

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