Volume V                                   January 26, 2009                                Number 4
A Political, Social, Literary Journal

From James Adler
There Is Nothing New
Under the Sun
One Year Ago This Week in Harvard Square Commentary...

From Jerome Richard
What Israel
Should Have Done
Israel will win a military victory in Gaza...

Implication for the Long Run
Developments Last Week
Bit by Bit
Forbes on Liberalism
Talking Intelligently
Rich Folks

Everything Else

Now Showing
The Curious Case of
Benjamin Button
This Academy Award nominee, about a man born...

From the Video Shop
The Express
I watched this film on the evening of the inauguration of President Obama...

Wisdom from Polonius
Thoughts for the
New President
From the minds of Darwin, Clarke, Bernstein, Roosevelt, Rogers, Aristotle, Humphery, Balfour, Dryden, and Keller

Chuckle of the Week
Out of the Mouths of Babes
Childrens' Unique Viewpoints

Site of the Week
An exciting collection of brain teasers, puzzles, riddles, games and optical illusions.

Editor's Panel

From the Editor
It is said that all things come to an end...

From Liberty Street
Bombs Away
The deaths in Masamut, a village in eastern Afghanistan, have...

From Sanitas
Definitions That Will
Bolster Your Sanity As We Poke
Deeper Into The 21st Century

From Our Readers
A Comment and
Links to Other Articles
Re: The Gazan Hell (1/19)
Link: The Celebration, and the
  Work Ahead
Link: Give him time

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